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‘I Think I Have Too Much Money’

Scowls as I enter into the marble-decked hall I call my ‘second living room’. Jealousy maybe, or its more vicious brother Envy. As a man who has ever uttered the phrase, ‘I think I have too much money’, I have become used to the twisted faces of the people who were once humble. Strange to think, those in a less wealthy place would look at me with such demeaning distaste, fueled by the thought that chance (and not hard work) should have put them in the place of me. Well, I’m never inviting THESE people to my holiday mansion ever again.


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Monday’s Stimulate Me: Penguins

Hello Monday-ners!! Need some inspiration? Some creative outlet to fill that void left by the weekend?

Write 100 words using this video!

Go to our “How to Contribute” Page for more information!

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A boy meets a girl. But the girl is a cat, a little feathery long light-grey haired critter. It looks at him with big jade green eyes and says, ‘dude, I thought you like bitches’. The boy looks at him, confused. Is love only reserved for humans? No, love is for everyone and everything! ‘I mean like bitches. Like. Dogs. Swag.’ The cat meows. ‘oh’, the boy says as he turns to see his dog beside him, keeping him company as always. ‘yeah what the hell man’ the dog barks.


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Monday’s Stimulate Me

For those who are looking for inspiration to colour our lives and colour our stories, this new segment will feature a story every monday that we, here at 100 Words Campaign, have picked out to stimulate the stories in us.

Here’s the first,


Brought to you by the amazing GOBELINS, this is an amazing example of how story doesn’t neccessarily have to be told, in a wonderfully quirky hand drawn animation, Le Royaume, shows us that stories can be told without words, but through the mechanisms of animation and music.



And don’t forget to share with us your 100 word story through our Twitter, Facebook or even email us at 100wordscampaign@hotmail.com!

We would all love to hear it and we would all love it!


Bring back the love for stories and thanks for reading!

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A story drives everything, a story is the heart, a story is the backbone. Stories today have become victims to the rise of the celebrity-centric and visual-dominated world. Where is the love for the story?

A story exists everywhere, movies, television series, a really good commercial, pictures, but what we love about all these things is no longer the story.

I say bring it back! Here at 100 Words Campaign, we can share great 100 word stories to build that love we lost to the tempting eye candy of shirtless men running from explosions, stunning visuals that detract from corny lines in a daft plot, and Ryan Goslings beautiful face.


The 100 Words Campaign runs on the limitless creativity of the people and will strive to repopulate the media industry, especially Tv and Film (yikes!) and our lives with a new heart and a new backbone that is a good story.

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