A Great Insight into Publishing!

Here’s a really great article about the 5 Key Book Publishing Paths that provides a clear and well-thought out distinction between many different forms of publishing that first novel.

Beautifully put together in a infographic, Jane Friedman gives us a glimpse at the publishing path establishing writers might take.

5 publishing paths


Read the rest of the article here.
What methods of publishing have you considered?



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3 responses to “A Great Insight into Publishing!

  1. The publishing industry is so varied that it is quite difficult to determine which path is best to take. I think the success of a book is a product of persistence and hard work but a lot of it also relies on luck and whether there is a niche in the market to allow the book to be heard over the rest, though this is not always the case. There have been quite a few successful self-publishing stories over the past couple of years, such as Matthew Reilly Hugh Howey. It is definitely more accessible to market your own product because of the ease of social media. Pan Macmillan Australia has a Manuscript Monday where publishers read submissions so that it does not wait around on the “slush pile.” Competitions such as NaNoWriMo are also fantastic opportunities. There are so many different avenues (and combinations of avenues) that one can take so it is hopeful that new writers can get the exposure and success from their hard work.

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