A story drives everything, a story is the heart, a story is the backbone. Stories today have become victims to the rise of the celebrity-centric and visual-dominated world. Where is the love for the story?

A story exists everywhere, movies, television series, a really good commercial, pictures, but what we love about all these things is no longer the story.

I say bring it back! Here at 100 Words Campaign, we can share great 100 word stories to build that love we lost to the tempting eye candy of shirtless men running from explosions, stunning visuals that detract from corny lines in a daft plot, and Ryan Goslings beautiful face.


The 100 Words Campaign runs on the limitless creativity of the people and will strive to repopulate the media industry, especially Tv and Film (yikes!) and our lives with a new heart and a new backbone that is a good story.


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